The Recovery Center of Hamilton County (Cincinnati, OH) is a non-profit program serving residents of Hamilton County that helps empower individuals with mental illness to live more meaningful lives in the community.  Our center, staffed by individuals who have overcome the obstacles of their own mental illness, has been in existence since May of 2006.  The six primary areas of focus at the Recovery Center are: personal growth & recovery, education & vocation, computer skills development, creative expessions, community involvement, and social enterprise. 

The Recovery Center is designed to be a stepping-stone to full integration into community living.  As such, we strive to help individuals access the resources and supports necessary for them to develop or strengthen skills, increase empowerment, and improve quality of life.  To that end, the Recovery Center places a strong emphasis on collaboration with community organizations as we believe that exposure to, and interaction with, our universities, community organizations, art museums, etc. opens the door to opportunities for growth and integration for members.

Additional information:
2340 Auburn Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45219
(513) 241-1411


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